A (better) Juilliard Calendar Search!

August 22, 2022

I developed a small web application called Juilcal out of frustration that arose from using Juilliard's own performance calendar interface. You can visit it at www.juilcal.com.

I won't go into the weeds of it, but just know that you can now search the performance calendar using keywords. On Juilliard's own page, you can't do that (aside from the limited drop-down menus). Now you can find all piano performances happening in September, or see if there are any performances with someone named "Robert" happening in October at 1:30pm including a trombone (i.e., search "robert october 1:30 trombone"). That doesn't exist though, so don't bother trying it.

Since the data I use on Juilcal needs to be frequently updated, I run a web scraper I wrote in Python that "re-scrapes" every 20 minutes. Obviously this is a bit excessive, but I figured it doesn't even come close to the maximum CPU usage allotted to me, so why not. You can rest assured that the data you're getting is accurate!

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